Caught on camera: Springfield gun store break-in

SPRINGFIELD, Mo Police are investigating a break-in at Elite Arms Company in Springfield.

"My alarm system went off and let me know that someone was breaking into my shop," said Myron Bahm.

He is the owner of Elite Arms Company in Springfield, which opened just over two years ago. Police say Tuesday morning they got a call about a break-in caught on camera.

"What they did is they came up here and took a grinder and cut through the door, and then cut through the inner layer of the door, folded this down and crawled through, and they crawled along the floor until they made their way inside," said Bahm. "Once they made their way inside they came through and looked for guns and rummaged through a few of the boxes looking for firearms."

"What I would tell people is that doing something is much better than doing nothing," said Bryan Morris of American Detection Specialists.

Morris says there's a huge benefit of having security cameras and alarm systems -- and of course, using apps that can connect with those systems.

"We have the ability to arm and disarm and check status and review history," said Morris. "We can tell you which code armed and disarmed at what time. You can arm and disarm your system anywhere in North America."

"It's shocking because you don't ever think it's going to happen to you," said Bahm. "You don't ever think it's going to happen to your business. You hear it on a daily basis, and you hear about people being broke into. But it's different when you're the victim."

The security system alerted the store owner and police around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Police tells us the person left without taking anything.

The store owners are asking anyone with any information that could help lead to an arrest to please contact Springfield Police.