417 Rentals not making repairs, over charging tenant

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A Springfield woman is speaking out. She is no longer able to take living in a rundown 417 Rentals property.

What's worse, she says she's the rental company is taking money out of her account for rent she's already paid.

Kasie Ringwood leased the house from Chris Gatley with her eyes open. She agreed to fix it up. The company promised to pay her back. She has yet to see the money and now realizes she may have got in over her head.

"I had an eviction. That's what I had. I'm not accustomed to living like this," says Ringwood.

She didn't have many options so she rented from 417 Rentals.

"I thought, you know what, we clean it up. We can make a home a home," she says.

She soon found out it was impossible to do that. Standing water in the basement became an open invitation for bugs. That's not all the house is invested with.

"Mice. On the counter tops, going in my stove," she says.

Ringwood thinks they may be getting in the house through a grate in the living room.

"I don't know what's under here. I don't know what's under here. This goes from underneath the house," she says.

The leaks in the roof are shorting out light fixtures, making them dangerous to use when it rains.

Ringwood also believes the house has mold.

"No matter how much I clean it still smells like mold. It still smells. I don't have a choice. So I spend my money in bleach and insect stuff. It doesn't matter," she explains.

Recently, the water heater went out.

She says, "I don't have hot water. That's one of my big things right now. I pay my utilities. All my bills are paid up and I don't have hot water.
I have to go to the gym or I have pans that I heat my water up with."

Ringwood has tried to get the property managers to fix the problems.

"I've called. I've called. I wrote letters about the house, about the lights, about the water, everything. No call back," she explains.

Despite paying for 3 months’ rent in advance, 417 Rentals continues to take money out of her bank account.

"When I went into the office to try to figure it out the lady said get out of my office or I'm going to kick your ass. I will be starting eviction process. I just laughed because I said you cannot start an eviction. I've paid. I've paid you money. You can't do that," she says.

Ringwood has filed a complaint with Springfield hoping city inspectors will condemn the house.

"He's a scumbag for doing this. I'm just doing everything I can to get by so I can get out. I don't want to live in this anymore," she says.

We confirmed that a complaint was filed with the city. An inspector will be coming out to take a look at this house soon.

Our calls to 417 Rentals have not yet been returned.

You can file a complaint with the city anytime through the website or by calling the city.