1 of 2 car dealerships in Cassville, Mo. suddenly closes

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CASSVILLE, Mo. -- One of only two car dealerships in Cassville, Mo. has suddenly gone out of business without any explanation as to why.

One of the employees said he got the bad news Tuesday morning after being assured that their jobs were safe for at least a few months the day before.

Located on Highway 37 in Cassville, the Country Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram dealership surprised a lot of people on Tuesday morning when it suddenly closed its doors.

When you call the business, the phone message makes no mention of the dealership being out of business. And even the employees like Scott Roberts were caught off guard.

"Towards the end of the day on Monday the owners had said that they had other buyers and that we were going to be employed for at least the next 60 days and everything would be fine," Roberts recounted. "Then this morning (Tuesday) when I came to work my supervisor told me you can go ahead and put your things in your truck. We're officially closed and we're bankrupt."

One of the owners, Matt Williams, said "No comment" when asked to talk about the situation by a KY 3 reporter who found him sitting in the back of the dealership in an orange truck on the phone. When asked if there was any chance of reopening, he said that was still to be determined.

Roberts said the owners did pay an ominous visit at the end of last week.

"They showed up on Friday and our general manager loaded up all his personal things out of his office, the city police investigator helped him out with all of his things and into his vehicle and took him away," he said.

Cassville police chief Dana Kammerlohr told us by e-mail there was no current investigation into the dealership.

Roberts' main concern is his financial future.

"There are about 12 of us who are expecting a paycheck at the end of the week and I hope the owners do the right thing and pay us what we're owed," he said.

And as for customers left without a local dealer?

"They're going to end up having to go to Aurora or northwest Arkansas, Roberts said. "Over the last year I've seen employees quit and not be replaced. It just kind of set off red flags as things went downhill that it ended up like this."

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