Art Of Everyone Supports Women In Need of the Ozarks Art Event

Sponsored - Art of Everyone, a crowd-sourced, live art experience, is is supporting Women In Need with a donation from its “LASER GUIDED PAINTING” art event to help Single Hardworking Women. Art of Everyone will donate to Women In Need a large-scale painting created at the event to take place at Mother’s Brewing Company at 215 S. Grant Ave, Springfield Mo, November 2nd, 2017. The art event will take place from 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. The paintings are created in real-time under the direction of professional artist Brad Noble, Springfield native, who is coming in from New York’s Time Square. He will "Conduct" the volunteers of Women In Need using a laser pointer from the front of a 7’ x 5’-foot free-standing canvas – the participants do all the painting from one side, following the Artist Conductor's laser and verbal direction from the other side. They will be doing the face of John Lennon, so they can auction this one of a kind painting at the Imagine show on December 22nd at The Gillioz Theatre.

This type of painting is something you really have to see to believe. It truly is the art of everyone where artists and people of all ages collaborate to manifest creativity where art and technology are blended into a unique experience and now we’re doing it for a great cause.”

The Artist Conductor stands a few feet on one side of a large, freestanding canvas and begins outlining an image using just a laser pointer and a vivid imagination. Participants in turn stand on the other side of the canvas and begin applying paint by following the laser dot as it travels around the canvas. The paint sticks that the participants use push through the canvas creating a beautiful image. A few hours later, a work of art has been created by dozens of people of all ages - the Artist Conductor never touches the canvas. “LASER GUIDED PAINTING” is a 4-hour live art event. During this time, a large-scale canvas, measuring 7’ tall x 5' wide, will be created by participants under the direction of Art of Everyone Artist Brad Noble. The volunteers from Women In Need are painting the face of John Lennon, so they can auction this one of a kind painting at the Imagine show on December 22nd at The Gillioz Theatre.

We’re very excited that Brad Noble has partnered up with Women In Need to do this one of a kind laser painting. He has been doing this on Broadway and Time Square.

The money Women In Need makes on this one of a kind painting will go to help Hard- working single women that just need a hand up and not a hand out.

Women In Need of the Ozarks has been assisting struggling working women since 2003. We are a not-for-profit organization designed to improve our local community by providing Women In Need the opportunity to enhance their self-esteem. WIN fills the gaps that other agencies provide too slowly – or not at all for many women. We pledge to provide resources necessary to enable Women In Need to become women of strength, and provide reinforcement as they develop the qualities of compassion, professionalism, and motivation.