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Meet KY3 Storm Team member Robert Hahn

Robert Hahn is the newest member of the KY3 Storm Team.

Robert comes from our sister station KVLY in Fargo, North Dakota where he worked (and braved those winters) for over 7 years.

Robert does not recall a time in his life when he wasn't fascinated with weather. His mom can remember him talking about weather when he was only 4-years-old. He thinks the study of weather began as a child growing up in northeastern Ohio. There were times when the area would get enough snow that school would be canceled. So as a young child, he learned to watch the weather to see when he could be getting enough snow that school might be canceled. And he wouldn't do his homework.

Sometimes that worked out and sometimes it didn't. Sometimes he only got a little bit of snow, sometimes it rained instead of snowing, and sometimes he got nothing at all. And each time, it got him thinking. Why didn't it happen the way the weatherman said it would sometimes? So he started to watch more weather. He would read about weather. He would observe the weather (that last one led to me being indirectly struck by lightning when he was 12-years-old). And he slowly started to see how things could or couldn't evolve in various weather situations.

While snow was (and probably always will be) his favorite weather phenomenon, he is quite intrigued by severe weather as well. He used to track storms via a short wave radio tuned to the National Weather Service and a huge map of Ohio. Robert would use push pins and yarn to show the change of a line of storms over time. And then the tornado outbreak of May 31, 1985 happened. For him, it was incredible (and humbling) to watch the evolution of such an event occurring in the area of the country.

Robert turned all of this passion and intrigue into a career in television that will soon be approaching 20 years. He has even won a few awards along the way. Robert says he has been lucky enough to be blessed with a job that will never feel like "work" because he loves what he does.

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