United jet

United flight makes emergency landing at Springfield Airport

Jet bound for Denver experienced depressurization, diverted to SGF.

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Latest: Winter Storm

Sunday Evening Forecast Snow Ends But Still Cold

Sunday Evening Forecast: Snow Ends...But Still Cold

Our snow will gradually end this evening but cold conditions follow into Monday morning. St Patrick's Day will bring more sunshine and warmer temperatures.

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Snowy and Cold Sunday

Rain will change to snow across the Ozarks and accumulate in many places. Along with the snow...strong winds and cold temperatures will take over throughout the day.

Monday Morning Forecast Snow Ends But Cold Continues

Monday Morning Forecast: Snow Ends But Cold Continues

The snow has departed but the cold remains...then a warming trend is on the way.

VIDEO MoDOT salt supplies low

Slick spots on the roads can make for a tough commute, MoDOT warns

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) crews are working around the clock to make sure the streets are safe. It's a daunting task considering the amount of snowstorms they've dealt with this year.

Sunday Evening Forecast More Snow and Bitter Cold

Snow...Ice...and Cold

A winter storm will continue across the Ozarks today with even thunderstorms. Along with the precipitation...bitter cold temperatures will continue to affect the region.

Saturday Evening Forecast Winter Storm then Bitter Cold

Saturday Evening Forecast: Winter Storm then Bitter Cold

We have a Winter Storm Warning for a wintry mix of precipitation tonight through Sunday night. Sleet..freezing rain...and snow are expected with bitter cold behind the system.

VIDEO Slippery sidewalks can lead to a trip to the ER

Walkers watch out! Slippery sidewalks can put you in the hospital.

Better watch out when walking on those sidewalks. The wintery weather made many walkways slick, slippery, and potentially dangerous.

VIDEO: Catastrophe area declared because of freezing pipes

Homeowner's headache is a blessing for some businesses

Frozen pipes can be a headache to deal with, unless you are the company hired to clean up the mess.

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Winter Weather Advisory For Snow and Slippery Roads

A *Winter Weather Advisory* is in effect from midnight until noon Monday for snow and slippery roads. The snow will begin after midnight and end mid morning Monday.

KSPR's Winter Weather Outlook

Exclusive KSPR 2013-2014 Winter Outlook

Chief meteorologist Kevin Lighty takes you deep into his winter weather outlook. See what all he used to come up with his forecast and just what kind of winter we may have here in the Ozarks.

Persimmon seed types

What do the persimmon seeds say about this upcoming winter?

KSPR's Lindsey Slater shows us what persimmon seed shapes mean -- and what some people believe this year's shape means for the upcoming winter.

Farmers Almanac page

Breaking down the Old Farmer's Almanac winter predictions

How did the Old Farmer's Almanac fare last year when it came to predicting winter weather? What does it say will happen this year?

car driving in winter snow ice

Slideshow: Take the KSPR winter weather quiz

Test your knowledge with this quiz about Ozarks winter weather.

(img1)Video: Was Kevin right a year ago.  He recaps last winter, which lasted longer than most wanted.

KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty recaps 2012-2013 winter

Was Kevin right a year ago.  He recaps last winter, which lasted longer than most wanted.

(img1)Winter Weather Outlook Kids Quiz Lindsey

Video: Kids quiz KSPR meteorologist Lindsey Slater about winter weather

KSPR meteorologist Lindsey Slater answers kids' questions about winter weather in the Ozarks.

(img1)Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes with KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty

Kevin Lighty goes behind the scenes in the weather center.

Frz rain sleet snow

Video: KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty explains difference between freezing rain, sleet and snow

In the wintertime, you might hear the terms freezing rain, sleet and snow thrown out there. KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty explains the difference among all three.

(img1)Video: History of the Old Farmer's Almanac

History of the Old Farmer's Almanac

KSPR Meteorologist Bob Trihy examines the history behind the Old Farmer's Almanac's forecasting.

Superstitions - Full Moon


A few winter weather folklore predictions

Winter Weather Outlook 2013-14: folklore predictions for forecasting.

Image by MGN Online

Here's how you can save money on your winter energy bill

Here are some tips from City Utilities on how to save money on your energy bill this winter.


Winter Weather Myths

KSPR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty takes some time to dispel some common winter weather myths -- and some might surprise you.

Jeroen van Velthoven/SXC

Winter weather safety: your pets

How to protect your family from winter weather's worst.

generic winter weather image

Winter weather safety: your home

What you need to know to protect your family at home during winter's worst.

car driving in winter snow ice

Winter weather safety: your car

How to protect your family while driving in winter weather.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.