Survive the Storm

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How the Joplin tornado changed storm preparation for the Ozarks, country

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Survive the Storm: How a tornado is rated

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Survive the Storm: Storm phobia is real for our pets

Survive the Storm: Joplin doctor saw worst of EF5 tornado

Survive the Storm: Breaking into programming

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Weather Headlines

Updated: 8:28 AM - Soaring close to 60 today with a few thunderstorms possible.
Updated: 08/22/2016 - KSPR's Interactive radar tracks stormy weather across the Ozarks.
Posted: 4:31 PM - Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty with a look at when the colder air arrives.
Updated: 12/13/2016 - A look at pictures submitted by our fans via the KSPR Weather App.
Posted: 1:40 PM - A weekend storm turned parts of Missouri into an icy wonderland.