Winter weather is one of the toughest things to predict as a meteorologist, especially here in the Ozarks.  Some use old folklore like the persimmon seeds.  Others like to use the wooly worm to predict what a winter may bring.  But one of the most popular ways is living and dying by the Old Farmer's Almanac. For those snow lovers out there, you will LOVE this years prediction for the Ozarks!

This is the graphic you will see inside the Old Farmer's Almanac this year. As you can see southern Missouri and northern Arkansas get the brunt of mother nature this year according to the almanac.


For those of you looking for more of a short-term forecast, I've got that for you below!

For those of you who love the fall like weather, this past weekend was perfect for you. Cool nights and some overcast and rainy conditions stuck around for the first part of the weekend.  That is all about to change.

Sunny and warmer weather can be expected during this 2nd week of October. Cough cough, a great time of year, it's my birthday on Wednesday. ;)

Tomorrow a cool start to the day but temperatures rebounding into the lower 70's for highs by the afternoon.

If you have to do any traveling tomorrow, you will not find ANY weather issues. Look at just how nice things will be across the region. Sunny and comfortable!

Later this week temperatures will start to come up a little more as high pressure works to the east and south winds pick up.  We expect daytime highs to be at or above average into the weekend.

The next round of rain shouldn't arrive until the weekend! Have a great week!