The Weather Rundown

Severe storms likely Thursday

Chief meteorologist Kevin Lighty takes a look at the severe weather chances this week.

KSPR Tuesday Morning Weather Storms on the way

Severe Storms Possible Wed-Thu

Today is basically a carbon copy of yesterday with highs in the mid 80s. The real story is the potential for strong and severe storms Wed-Thursday. Getting right to it. A cold front from the west will progress eastward today and tomorrow.

Tracking our next storm system

Chief meteorologist Kevin Lighty looks at our next storm that could bring severe weather to the Ozarks.

KSPR Monday Morning Forecast Getting Warmer

The calm before the storms

Today, it's a carbon copy of the weekend. Highs boosting to the low and mid 80s areawide with plenty of sun. The humidity will kick up a notch, but nothing too out of control as dewpoints will be near 60°.

More Warmth...Then Storms Mid Week

The warmth continues into the week ahead...then a cold front increases storm chances mid week.

Saturday Evening Forecast More Warmth To Come

More Nice Weather On The Way

It's been a nice start to the weekend and that trend continues several more days.

Storms return next week

Chief meteorologist Kevin Lighty looks at your next chance for storms in the Ozarks.

KSPR Friday Morning Forecast Getting Warmer

Great day and weekend to be outdoors

Mark this one as the 5th or 6th day in a row of pleasant and comfy weather in the Ozarks. Highs today boosting to the low 80s. Game of the Week is Hillcrest at Kickapoo.

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