Springfield, MO

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Hi: 84° Lo: 67°

Feels like 76°F
Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 79%

Dewpoint: 69°
Heat Index: 76°
Wind Direction: SSE
Wind Speed: 14 mph

Sunrise: 06:37:25 am
Sunset: 07:54:13 pm

Mostly cloudy and more humid. Scattered storms will be around through the day.

3 AM


Humidity: 82%
Precip: 0%

4 AM


Humidity: 82%
Precip: 0%

5 AM


Humidity: 82%
Precip: 0%

6 AM


Humidity: 84%
Precip: 0%

7 AM


Humidity: 84%
Precip: 0%

8 AM


Humidity: 80%
Precip: 0%


Hi: 92° Lo: 73

Hi: 90° Lo: 71

Hi: 84° Lo: 70

Hi: 86° Lo: 70

Hi: 88° Lo: 72

Hi: 89° Lo: 72

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An upper level disturbance is moving through the region this afternoon. Showers and storms will redevelop this evening in areas west of 1-44 as there's more instability present there. With being said a few storms could be stronger than others. The biggest threats with them will be wind gusts up to 60 mph, small hail, and heavy downpours.

Wednesday will be a drier in fact temperatures and humidity will rise significantly. Highs will be around 90, but with the humidity heat index numbers will be around 100°.

Thursday a cold front moving in out of the northwest could trigger a few stronger storms in the afternoon in areas north of 1-44. Expect it to be another hot and humid day.

Then we will get into a more active pattern with several rounds of showers and storms stretching from Friday through the weekend.

~Jennifer Perez


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Updated: 08/23/2016 - Storms will become likely today followed by heat indices near 100 for Wednesday.
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Posted: 05/24/2016 - A look at pictures submitted by our fans via the KSPR Weather App.
Posted: 08/23/2016 - Few more storms possible tonight before a brief break.
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