Don't answer calls from this area codes

KSPR's Rachel Dubrovin shares the list that are linked to calls you shouldn't answer.

MoDOT puts their holiday plan in motion to keep vehicles moving in Springfield

Crews change the timing of the traffic lights around town to keep the flow of vehicles moving.

Salvation Army hosts annual Thanksgiving dinner in Springfield

The cooks and 55 volunteers prepared the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pies and all the traditional foods for a Thanksgiving feast.

Retired Reeds Spring lunch lady shares Thanksgiving joy

For the eighth year in a row Shirley West-Mease and her family prepared a feast... despite her days as a school cook being long over.

Lebanon YMCA swim coach fired; parents outraged

Their coach was fired unexpectedly. Parents were outraged and came to us to help them get answers.

How to put out a kitchen fire

Fire officials share the correct cause to put out a fire in the kitchen.


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