SAN DIEGO -- Dwight Freeney is being eased into the San Diego Chargers' minicamp drills. And that's fine with him.

"I'm doing some little things," Freeney said. "They just put me in when they want to put me and as an older guy here, I'm not complaining."

All indications are Freeney will be back after last season was cut short by a quad injury in Week 4.

"Honestly when it happened it was, 'All right, I'll be out for three weeks.' I felt a little pop. I walked over to the sideline on my own.

"And by the time I got over to the locker room the doctor said, 'You're going to be out for about four.'"

Freeney incorrectly thought the doctor meant four weeks.

"And he said, 'four months,' and I said, 'Whoa.'"

But Freeney is confident he's on track to return. He said if the Chargers had their opener this week, he would be a go.

"It's coming along really good," he said. "But we are not playing the Cardinals yet. But absolutely I could definitely play right now. I'm right on track."

The Chargers are hopeful that track leads to pressure on the quarterback. Desperate for a pass rush, the addition of Freeney -- even at 34 years old -- would be a plus for a team that struggled getting heat on the quarterbacks.

Freeney, who had five sacks in his last year with the Colts, is eager to show his tank isn't dry.

"It's not only showing everybody, it's showing myself," said Freeney, who has 108 career sacks. "That I can still be very effective and still play with the top guys in the league. That is my mentality."

Chargers coach Mike McCoy said Freeney's legacy doesn't need a boost. Instead, it's about an elite player wanting to be productive.

"All the great ones in the league come in and try to prove something and make a statement that they can still play," McCoy said. "Regardless of age."

Regardless of the motivation, Freeney, who had 0.5 sacks last season, has plenty to play for.

"I think every year you still try to get the same type of things out of it: being effective, helping the team win however that is," Freeney said. "And now, obviously, this year you add a couple more things to it.

"You want to go out there and play as hard as you possibly can, but not only that, but to prove to everybody that I am back."