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Jacob Caruso Mansfield

Athlete of the Week: Jacob Caruso, Mansfield Basketball

Tim Short set Mansfield's scoring record 41 years ago, but he just found out about it in the last two months.  And shortly after finding out about the record, the record was broken.  Mansfield Senior Jacob Caruso passed Short to become the Lions all-time leading scorer with more than 1,800 career points

Sandridge Republic wrestling

Athlete of the Week: Cody Sandridge, Republic Wrestling

Kinloch Wrestling Classic? Check. Class 3 District 3? Check. Just one more thing to check off.
 "I just know I have one shot left to reach my goal so I've been pushing myself as hard as I can," Republic Senior Cody Sandridge says. He's won 40 -1 wrestling at 152lb this year, and believes he's ready to win a title.

Glendale Dance Hallam

Athlete of the Week: Holly Hallam, Glendale Dance

"I don't think it would be possible for me to spend time doing anything as Holly does dancing," Glendale dance coach Wendy Robinson said.
Glendale junior Holly Hallam has her schedule down pat.

Gavin Dewitt Ozark Wrestling

Athlete of the Week: Gavin DeWitt, Ozark Wrestling

Almost from the time he could start walking, wrestling was a part of Ozark Junior Gavin DeWitt's life.
"As soon as I could start wrestling, which was four my parents put me in a pair of shoes and just let me wrestle," said DeWitt.

Plato Kimrey

Athlete of the Week: Kaylea Kimrey, Plato Basketball

It's been a whirlwind week for Plato senior Kaylea Kimrey after setting the school record in career scoring, and then eclipsing the 2,000 point plateau.

Skyline Damitz

Athlete of the Week: Kaylee DaMitz, Skyline Basketball

The Skyline Tigers are the third ranked team in class two and were the first team to beat Crane in more than 30 games - all of this with a freshman point guard.

Acord Parkview

Athlete of the Week: Autry Acord, Parkview Basketball

It's not hard to find a compliment for Parkview senior point guard Autry Acord.
"I recognized him as someone with a tremendous amount of love for the sport," Parkview head coach Bill Brown said. "Tremendous determination to be successful."

Christian Lance Nixa Wrestling

Athlete of the Week: Christian Lance, Nixa Wrestling

For Nixa senior christian lance, his first place finish at the Kinloch Wrestling Classic last week is just further proof of how far he's come.

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