We are learning more about the man police say kidnapped and killed Hailey Owens.

45-year-old Craig Michael Wood has been working as a football coach at Pleasant View School.

People that in his central Springfield neighborhood and a former player say Wood was a quiet man who kept to himself.

"I was really shocked because he was probably one of the least likely I would ever expect to do something like this," says Tyler Wassam.

Waussman says he knew Craig Michael Wood as one thing.

"He was really a great coach. He was always loving to us, really his patience was incredible and he taught me everything I knew about it. He was probably the best coach that I've had," says Wassam.

He says coach Wood never said much. "He does have a very quiet personality. He more just kind of relaxed and kind of sits back and let you do what you do, then he'll give input," says Wassam..

Students and even parents knew of Wood on and off the field.

"Everybody that went to school. He was the ISS teacher and walked around. he subbed in multiple classes and then our whole football team."

"My son had minimal contact with him. He said he just would not get a good vibe off of him. Creeped him out," says Marretta Gunder.

Gunder says she got the same feeling her son did after she saw Wood in the school hallway one day.

"Grabbing himself and his private area. He wouldn't smile. He acted odd," says Gunder.

"I think he had some problems in his head. But I do think that he was a good guy, especially as a football coach," says Wassam.

Wassam says he's kept in touch with Wood through the years. But this has dimmed the light on the man he looked up to.

"I know he was never married, which was always something that was kind of weird. He was just that quiet guy that lived in a house and was our football coach," he says.

Wood has been in trouble with the law before, but minor things. He has a misdemeanor drug conviction that dates back more than 20 years and a ticket for illegal hunting.