After nearly four decades a Springfield roller rink is shutting its doors.

It's one of only two in the City. State and City officials say they need the land to fix the traffic issue on South Glenstone.

One person on Facebook went as far as to call Skateport a Springfield landmark but in about six months the entire building won't be here anymore.

Springfield's Skateport sees thousands of skaters a week. The Owner, Ted Hall says business is rolling.

“It's been good to me, it’s been real good to me. It’s my life and I feel like they're just jerking the rug from me,” said Hall.

But after almost 40 years, Hall will close his doors in May.

“This is what I want to do, I don't want to give it up, especially under these circumstances,” he said.

Neither does longtime patron Terri Meek. She came here when she was a kid, now her kids skate here as well. She gets emotional when she thinks about it closing.

“There's a lot of memories here… it's really sad. My kids come here every Friday night. I don't have to worry about them at the mall. This is a safe place for them and a comfort zone for me,” Meek said.

The Missouri Department of Transportation just reached a deal to build a road right through the middle of the rink to ease traffic near south Glenstone and James River Freeway.

“We looked at various options that could keep his business operational but he chose not to go down that path,” said MODOT’s Assistant District Engineer Dan Salisbury.

MODOT officials say they were more than fair.

“Not only do we pay them for their property, if they relocate we pay those expenses as well and they are treated very well,” Salisbury said.

But Hall says he feels like it was MODOT’s way or the highway.

“It was basically here's our final offer if you don't take it we'll give you eminent domain and give you 120 days to vacate the premises,” said Hall.

Now he's trying to figure out if he wants to relocate or give it all up for good.

“This is something Springfield is going to miss,” said Hall.

MODOT officials say bidding on the project will start in January and they hope to start construction in spring.

It's a cost share project with the City of Springfield. That means the City is paying for half. Hall says he's closing his doors at the end of May.

The project will include adding an extra lane on both sides of Glenstone from James River Freeway to Battlefield. It will also extend Independence road across Glenstone through the Skateport property and it will take out the ramp that currently allows traffic to cross Glenstone.