A Southwest Airlines flight, bound for Branson Airport lands at M. Graham Clark Airport, just eight miles away.

A Southwest Airlines official says there were 124 passengers on the plane.

No one was injured, but passengers tell KSPR News the runway is too short to allow for a safe takeoff. There is a steep drop off at both ends of the runway that is near College of the Ozarks and the 737 came dangerously close to tumbling off.

Passengers report the pilot had to brake hard to prevent going over the edge and they could smell burning rubber inside the plane as a result.

They were taken off the plane and bussed to the Branson airport.    

The runway at the Taney County Airport stretches only 3,738 feet.  The Branson Airport runway is 7,140.

Southwest Airlines released the following statement on Sunday evening.

"The Southwest Airlines Pilot in command of flight #4013 safely landed at (PLK) Taney County airport this evening.  The Boeing 737-700 carried 124 Customers and a crew of five and was operating as a scheduled flight from Chicago Midway to Branson. Our ground crew from the Branson airport has arrived at the airport to take care of our Customers and their baggage.  The landing was uneventful, and all Customers and Crew are safe."