Some schools across the Ozarks have already canceled classes for tomorrow. Some parents are faced with the question of what to do with their kids. One family is fortunate to have 2 snow days in one household.

Brian and Marin DeLue say they both enjoy spending father-daughter time at the library when schools are closed. Brian is a teacher in Springfield and his daughter attends school in Willard.

The two found time to put a puzzle together and check out books at The Library Center in Springfield on their way to the grocery store.

On snow days like today, DeLue and his wife scramble to figure out what to do with Marin.

"What do you do during the snow day, are you stuck inside all day, do we just stay in pajamas all day, and eat left over's or whatever we have or do you try to get out and about," says DeLue.

Marin says she loves snow days because she her daddy cooks her favorite food for breakfast, waffles and scrambled eggs.

Brian says returning to the classroom as a teacher can be tough because some of his students have a hard time focusing after a snow break.

"Even after one day their brains are still on vacation from being in snow mode or they stayed up to late or they didn't sleep, or they didn't eat or whatever it is," says DeLue.

The Willard resident says he understands many people don't have snow days like teachers do, and he is fortunate to spend this time with little girl.  He says he will worry about his lesson plan when schools reopen.