The United States Postal service is warning customers to be on the lookout for suspicious emails.

The perpetrator is informing the reader of an unsuccessful delivery attempt for a package. If someone opens the attachment in the email, their computer will be infected with a virus.

Travis Schnelle is the managing partner of ACIS Computers in Springfield. He said he sees computer virus cases daily.

"Some cases we have them infected from ransomware where they demand money just to unlock their files or decrypt them to just simple malware infestations," Schnelle said.

He personally received two emails from the scammer who posed as the United States Postal Service. Schnelle never clicked on the infected link.

"In this particular email it's not an email attachment, it's the virus the link they're trying to get you to click that takes you to a malicious website which would then infect the machine," Schnelle said.

KSPR spoke with the United States Postal Service on Tuesday. They said they never send out emails to communicate with the public, especially about deliveries.

Some common signs of scammers include: requesting personal information, and something requiring "immediate action."