KSPR is learning more about the man who police say took his own life inside Cox South Hospital.

Friends of Booker Cox Jr. say he had a terminal illness. He was a patient at Cox South. His wife, Carolyn Cox, was visiting him Saturday night when the incident happened.

Carolyn is recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest. Police say Booker killed himself but are still trying to figure out whether he shot his wife or if she shot herself.

Booker was a well known Realtor at Foggy River Realty, LLC in Hollister. You don’t have to go very far before you find someone who knew him.

“He had so much influence in town you just say get me a place and Booker would get it for you,” said Branson performer Tony Walter.

Walter plays bass for Roy Clark.

“I believe he helped turn the Americana theater into what it is today. Booker was instrumental in getting that for us,” said Clark.

Clark hasn't seen Booker in years but says the long time realtor left an impression.

“When I knew him he was always friendly and always pleasant to be around. He'll be missed,” said Clark.


Saturday night shots were fired on the 9th floor of the hospital. Police say both Booker and his wife Carolyn had gunshot wounds to their chest. Booker died that night.

Hospital officials say it was an isolated incident that only involved the husband and wife.

“Our response was appropriate…Our armed security officers responded quickly and appropriately...the medical staff responded immediately,” said Cox Health official Yvette Williams.

Someone who was on the 9th floor told KSPR news hospital staff should have communicated what was happening.

“Hearing that the shooter was on my same floor from the outside was a little upsetting. We didn't know if a person was on the loose or what,” said Teresa Mallernee Blakey.

Booker and Carolyn were married for almost 50-years. They have two sons, one of them also a realtor at Foggy River.

A well known family who friends are keeping close to their hearts.

“He was a great guy, a real pillar of the community here. He’s done so much for the town…this is tragic. A tragic end to a life, just awful,” said Clark.

Officials aren’t saying much about how Carolyn Cox is doing but police say she was able to speak with investigators.

Police are also trying to determine who the gun is registered to and who brought it in the building.