Since November Stampede Country Store in Fordland hasn't sold fuel, but remains open. Gas pumps are still there.

Down the street from Stampede is one of the only places people can buy gas in town. The family run business is benefiting from what Stampede isn't selling."

"Our gas {customers} has increased 15 to 20 percent," says Cooley's Convenience Store worker, Candace Coursey.

Being the only place that sells gas in a town of just over 800 has its benefits.

"We don't have a lot of people that come off the highway," she says.

Between gasoline and food sales, on a good day, Cooley's Convenience Store made $6,000 dollars. Now that number is closer to $9,000 dollars.

"Most of our customers stayed with us when Lazy Lee's went down," she says.

Despite new ownership, the pumps, while there, have remained unused for the last couple of months.

The regional manager in Oklahoma told KSPR News the reason behind the shortage is because the company is negotiating with gas distributors.

Resident Chris Haywood says while it's not business as usual outside, it is inside.

"I know they get business every morning, every afternoon. They get people a lot of older folk around here, that come in and get their coffee," he says.

As for Cooley's, gas prices have remained steady. Coursey says they'll stay that way. The only thing that could go up is the number of people on staff to keep up with customer demand.

"They come in from out of state and we get to know them, tell them how to get places. It's great to meet the new customers," says Coursey.

It's unclear when Stampede will sell gasoline. While there are Phillips 66 and Conoco signs outside stampede those distributors are not affiliated with Stampede. Spokesman Bryan Kaus says the signs are in the process of being removed.

The next nearest city for drivers to fill up is in Rogersville. That's about nine miles away.