Police are still investigating the death of a man found in the parking lot of a Springfield Walmart.

Greene County authorities say there was a woman and another man in the car with 26 year old William Gabler. A 9-1-1 operator told the 2 people to pull over into the parking lot instead of driving to a hospital and wait for ambulance to get there.

People in the south-side neighborhood say it's typically quite and people keep to themselves, but all that changed following a search warrant and a dead body that was found at a local Walmart.

{5} "It definitely kind of freaked us out cause stuff like that doesn't really happen like that around here," says Zach Dampier.

He says he and his family didn't know how to react when they saw sheriff's deputies in their neighborhood.

Investigators don't know how the two people in the car knew Gabler but they are still putting together pieces of the case.

Dampier says he and his family are all wondering about what might have happened.

"For the most part we haven't really heard much talk about it we have just talked about it as a family that we think its kind of weird, we have kind of speculated as to what happened, as to if it was a murder or if it was a drug overdose, we figured since the police were there it was kind of a big deal," says Dampier.

Another neighbor says all the Sheriff cars scared him as well.

"I thought they were coming to my house for a minute because they stopped right here and then they went over there and I just came outside to check and I thought it was crazy because it was a lot of cops down there," says Tyler Harris.

Dampier says his family has lived in this neighborhood for more than 20 years and all the deputies made them feel uneasy for the first time.

"Out here on the south side we typically don't have problems with that kind of thing normally that's more of a north side thing that tends to happen so it's definitely come as a surprise, I can definitely say that," adds Dampier.

Investigators say they found drugs and drug related items in the home following the search warrant including two large baggies of marijuana, a small bag of blue pills and several glass smoking devices.