The owner of one tobacco shop in Springfield, Mo. says the packaging on liquid nicotine needs to be improved to keep kids safe from this dangerous drug.

"Just something that the average adult can use and make sure the children can't get into it would defiantly be the best thing for everybody involved," says the Owner of Tobacco World, Don Johnson.

Officials at Cox Health say parents need to be careful about where they store those liquid nicotine cartridges because if ingested, it can be lethal to a child.

"I think what we need to realize is if you do make the decision to use e-cigarettes which I think is fine, it's an individual choice, but just remember that it is eccentrically poison in those cartridges and they are very deadly to children, and they are deadly to people in general if taken in high concentrated amounts," says Injury and Outreach Coordinator at Cox Health Jason Martin.

The Cox Health trauma nurse adds "keep them in a secure place for your older kids who might want to experiment with them and also keep them out of reach from your toddlers and other small kids who might accidentally get into them."

The Missouri Poison Center says there have been 14 cases in the state so far this year of children becoming sick due to ingesting liquid nicotine.

The cases of children being poisoned across the nation has increased by more than 300 percent since 2012.

Doctors urge parents to keep these cartridges in a high, locked cabinet and out of the reach of children.

The Food and Drug Administration says it wants more restrictions and better child proof packaging on the e-cigarette refill cartridges.