NIXA, Mo. -- -

Representative Kevin Elmer, from Nixa tweeted against high school students who wore gay-supportive T-shirts while working at an elementary school book fair.

On the shirt are icons are icons of gay, straight and lesbian couples with their arms around each other's shoulders, with the word "harmony."

"When I  looked at the shirt, it's not really offending people they can have their opinions of the shirt, but it's not hurting anyone's feelings," says Awreon Riley, sophomore and President of Nixa High School Gay-Straight Alliance.

Elmer feels differently, he took to his twitter  and tweeded " Nixa schools failure." The tweet has since been taken down.

"The shirt itself was not offensive. It's the fact of what it is advocating for and questioning whether or not that advocacy needs to happen at the K-4th grade level," he says.

"That's really sad that a person did that. Keep it to yourself, don't tweet about it," says Riley.

Stephanie Perkins works for a gay advocacy group in the Ozarks. She says parents should have age appropriate conversations with their kids about this topic, but feels this shirt isn't going to be a gateway to that discussion.

"There are lots of other things that could spark that conversation, but this innocent shirt is not going to be what opens that conversation," says Perkins.

Members of the Gay-Straight Alliance are trying to put this behind them, but they do have a message to Elmer.

"You're entitled to your own opinion, but don't break people down. We're here about harmony and that's what we're tying to do," says Riley.

Nixa schools has student initiated groups such as the Gay-Straight Alliance and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, all fall under the Equal Protection Act.