More educational help is coming for families with children affected by dyslexia. The Missouri House approved a bill sponsored by Rep. Eric Burlsion, (R) Springfield, to expand Bryce’s Law so that it applies to children with dyslexia.

Bryce’s Law was signed into law last year to help children with autism spectrum disorders by creating scholarships funded through private donations that can then be used to pay for the special services they need. Burlison said the expansion of the law to include children with dyslexia is extremely important as the state seeks to ensure every young person has access to a quality education

“We know that as many as 80 percent of young people with reading difficulties actually have dyslexia. Unfortunately, many bright young minds are being held back because our school districts don’t have the resources to diagnose or assist children with dyslexia,” said Burlison. “This legislation fills the void that currently exists by offering a way for families to gain financial assistance that will allow them to provide their children with the special educational services that may be necessary to ensure academic success.”
The legislation now moves to the Missouri Senate for consideration.