Springfield police are trying to track down the person who killed 26-year-old Jessica Conner. Friday night, Conner's mother discovered her dead in her house on North Sherman. Police classified the death as a homicide.

"She was very pretty and she could sing. Oh my goodness, she could sing. She had a beautiful voice. And she was a people person. She loved to hang out, she loved to have fun. She had a very contagious laugh," said one friend. "She was a human. She was a person. She was full of life. And just to have that taken away instantly, it's beyond me."

Investigators didn't have to travel far. The police department is less than a mile away from the crime scene.

"I think her grandmother's worst fear came true. She always was worried about Jessica. And to happen in the house she left Jessica. I mean it just, it breaks your heart," said her friend. "We want to think Springfield is nice and safe and we have a good community but, Springfield is a city now and it has big city problems."

Friends said police previously arrested Conner several times and the woman was addicted to drugs.

"She was in and out of jail and she was addicted. But she overcame it. She overcame a lot of things. She was very strong. And strong willed. Whatever she wanted, she was going to get. That was Jessica," said Conner's friend, who doesn't wish to be identified because she is in fear for her life. "We don't know who it is. The same person, you know, could be in the store next to you. It's scary."

The friend continued.

"And I hope whoever did it, I hope that they're caught. And I hope justice is brought very swiftly to them," she said. "So much sadness to see such a young, beautiful life, taken. It's sad. And knowing you're not going to hear her sing again, or hear her laugh again, or see her beautiful smile again. It's heartbreaking."

If you know anything about the death of Jessica Conner, call Springfield police (417) 864-1810.