The Ozark Empire Fair starts tomorrow and a big part of the Fair is the food. Food safety is a top priority as vendors prepare for the beginning of the Fair.

Vendor's are getting their permits from the Springfield-Greene County Health Department before they can start opening for business.

The health department holds a class for all food vendors before they're able to attain their permits. A food safety test is given to refresh vendors on proper food safety and storage.

Erica Little with the Springfield-Greene county health department says a lot of the vendors are repeat vendors and it's a good review process of what is required of each vendor the during the Fair.

Little adds that the Health Department has a three strike system for the food vendors...just like baseball.  If they get a critical violation....that's a strike. If they get three strikes they're out... or closed until they have corrected the issue.

The health department will make daily visits to food vendors...and some without notice.

This will continue for the rest of the Fair.