Cox Health held an exercise this afternoon to prepare emergency workers for everything from explosions to school shootings.

The events organizer says his staff is always looking at ways to be better prepared as first responders.

"Everyday someone comes to me and says can we use this or more importantly, I just used what we just learned. that happens on a regular basis, or we just had this, we just saw this," says Matt Brandt of Cox Health.

Hospital officials say they put together various scenarios to better prepare paramedics.

Organizers added all exercises are designed to help first responders deal with stressful events.

One students says she learned a great deal of information from today and has even more of an appreciation for paramedics.

"If you ever were in this situation, just stay calm and understand what they are going through and what kind of stress they are going through," says Jordyn Staley.

Brandt says today's simulation, held at Ozarks Technical Community College, attempted to replicate events like the Joplin tornado, Boston marathon bombing, and Hyatt Hotel disaster in Kansas City, Missouri.