In Greene County at a fireworks stand, the manager says her crew is working around the clock for tomorrows much anticipated big day.

"We've had staff here for several days pricing and setting up and decorating and just getting this ready for the forth," says Colleen Paschke.

Paschke says Big Daddy’s has been here in the Ozarks since the '60s.

She adds a special guest from the state of Missouri comes by the morning they open to the public.

"We'll have an inspector come through and check all of the walkways and fire extinguishers and the parking lot, there are a lot of safety issues that we make sure are handled."

The Fire Chief in Battlefield says young kids are often hurt with firework to their limbs and head when not supervised by an adult.

"I can't stress enough that you one, check out the legal restrictions on fireworks and where you are gonna shoot them, and be responsible as far as picking up after yourself," says Fire Chief Bryan Newberry.

The city of Springfield does not allow fireworks to be sold or used within city limits.

The state of Missouri doesn't allow fireworks to be sold to anyone under the age of 14.