Tyson Foods released a statement saying it is now under investigation from the Environment Protection Agency for possible criminal charges from the contaminated water in Monett, MO.

A spokesperson for Tyson Foods says the finding of their own investigation will not be released to the public once it's concluded.

The superintendent of utilities for Monett says the city has let the state and other governmental agencies take over the investigation.

"We have not talked with Tyson yet about we need them to change and I think they have changed some of their operating procedures and we have looked at some things down at our plant on our end to safeguard things in the future," says Superintendent of Utilities Skip Schaller.

Schaller says the city of Monett is looking into installing a new water monitoring system towards the end of the year that would let them know if chemicals pollute the water supply.

On Broadway Street, which is one of the main strips for shopping in Monett, some people said they are willing to forgive Tyson Foods, as long as it learns from its mistakes and make an effort not to make those same blunders in the future.

Calls to the EPA were not returned at the time of this story.