Drought conditions are increasing across the Ozarks... and a local business and utility are proactive with water conservation.

The latest drought monitor has much of the Ozarks in abnormally dry conditions with even more severe drought to our west across the central plains.

Current rainfall deficits are running about 6.5" below average.

Todd Twilbeck...a Springfield car wash operator conserves water by recycling about 80% of the water he uses to clean vehicles. He says when you wash your car at home you're using 3 to 4 times more water than you would at a commercial style car wash of any brand or grade.

City Utilities currently has around 85% of capacity on their water reserves in Fellows and McDaniel Lakes.  Joel Alexander says they will issue water watches and warnings if conditions get bad enough...and when the level gets to around 60 percent...they will move into the full water conservation plan with specific guidelines and rules and regulations that customers have to follow and some of those do include an increase in rates on water.

You can click on the following link for more information on CU's water plan.