A deadly virus known as circovirus has been identified in California..Michigan..and Ohio...and could possibly spread to others.

The circovirus has been known for some time by veterinarians...but recently awareness has risen because of the threat to dogs. The virus has been mainly confined to the pig population...and has been known to infect birds like...parrots..parakeets and cockatoos.

Doctor David Weddle with the Wilson Creek Animal Hospital says, " there is some concern certainly out there that the circo virus may have jumped species...but we don't have enough information to make an educated assessment on that."

Darin Landrum, executive director of the Human Society in Springfield says, "keep aware...keep an eye on your animal...but that's like for anything and everything. I wouldn't blow this out of proportion...but you know...I go home and look at my dogs everyday...and make sure they're okay...and that's the best advice to give anybody."

If you notice any unusual behavior with you pet...bring them to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

There is no vaccine for the virus and no known cure.