Some say using the public transit system is a easier way to get around town.

With 1.5 million rides a year, many people are making the bus their choice. High ridership does raise the question of safety for all passengers.

"There's so many things that we have to watch out for day to day besides the traffic, besides boarding and unboarding passengers," says Bus Driver Everett Gardner.

Gardner has driven a bus for over 20 years. "It really rewarding. it's awesome. I meet a lot of interesting people throughout the years."

It is those people Gardner and City Utilities want to make sure have a pleasant and safe ride. 

"The cameras are a good thing. It protects everybody. It records what we do as a driver," says Gardner.

There's eight security cameras that are internal and external. They also record what the driver might not see behind him.

"Should something arise, we have a documentation of exactly what happened on that bus. We can go back and look at that and see how the bus driver handled that in the proper steps," says City Utilities Spokesman Joel Alexander.

Gardner says the cameras add that extra layer of safety.

"It protects everybody, the driver and passengers, what's said and done. We live in a world now everywhere we go there's security cameras," says Gardner.

Alexander says when it comes to complaints, most have to deal with the transit center, not things happening on the bus.

The next step for City Utilities is to move the transfer center. It's still in the early stages, but officials hope to start construction by next year.