Fans at a College of the Ozarks basketball game go crazy after a Springfield man makes a three-point shot during halftime.  Now that video has gone viral, and the catch-- he's blind, but that's not all.

The rest of 54-year-old Michael Quin's story is almost unbelievable, and that shot he made?  It's not a once in a lifetime thing.

Michael is the kind of guy everybody wants on their team.  He's got a great attitude, never wants to be the star, can nail a three-pointer under pressure and also when there's no pressure at all.

He hit three-pointers at least a half dozen times in the thirty minutes we watched him play Sunday on an outdoor court, but that's not the whole story.

"He would never have needed our program had the head injury not happened," explains Susan Miles with Champion Athletes of the Ozarks.

Starting six years ago Michael had a series of falls.  He eventually went blind and in 2010 lost much of his mental capacity.  Last year he joined Champion Athletes of the Ozarks.

"We work with individuals with all types of disabilities, all types of developmental disabilities," Susan tells us.

She says she's seen her athletes do some incredible things but what Michael does just can't be replicated.

"I know that if I do my best then everything else will be okay," he says, and it is.

Life is different for Michael now but he appreciates every moment from the ones that rock the world like his shot on Saturday, to the ones that just rock his world.

"I like basketball so much that a lot of times it's just being with the other athletes and thinking about how great it is to be able to play basketball," he concludes.

But Michael was also pretty excited about his prize for hitting that shot-- free value meals from McDonald's for an entire year.  He told us he doesn't know what a year is but he's going to really enjoy it.
Champion Athletes of the Ozarks did a basketball clinic with C of O coaches and players which is why they were at Saturday's game.

The organization serves about 650 athletes in eight counties, and they play a variety of sports.  Right now Michael is learning to swim.