In January 2014, Jerry Jacob will take over as co-anchor of KSPR's evening newscasts.  He will co-anchor the 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts, Monday through Friday with Leigh Moody.  Jacob will replace Joe Daues.

This is a return to KSPR for Jacob, who started in Springfield as sports director at KSPR. 

Jacob grew up in southeast Missouri and attended the University of Missouri.  After school, he worked in Washington and Florida before working at KSPR for a few years.  Jacob returned to the farm where he grew up before being lured out of early retirement in 1995 to work at KY3. 

After terrorists struck on September 11, 2001, Jacob felt the urge to do something for our country.  He got his chance four years later when the Army briefly raised its maximum enlistment age to 42. 

In January 2007, Jacob left broadcasting and enlisted.  While in the Army, he served in Iraq, Haiti and Afghanistan, advancing to the rank of sergeant.  He returned to Springfield in late 2011 and rejoined KY3 News.

“Jerry will be an excellent main anchor at KSPR.   He ‘fit the bill’ perfectly.  Jerry will be a mentor, an anchor and be active in the community.  He also knows the Ozarks area well and will give KSPR the edge when it comes to covering our community. The entire staff is looking forward to working with him,” said KSPR News Director Bridget Lovelle.

"As Jerry makes the transition from KY3 to KSPR, we recognize the outstanding work he has done for the community and KY3.  While the KSPR newsroom staff is excited about the changes, the KY3 newsroom staff will greatly miss Jerry's enthusiasm and work ethic.  Luckily, he will still be in the same building!” said KY3, Inc., General Manager Brian McDonough.

"It is impossible to measure all Joe Daues has contributed to KSPR-33, so it will be impossible to replace him.  All I can do is work every day to maintain the high standard he has set," said Jacob.

Co-anchor Joe Daues will move to a position in the sales department at KY3, Inc.

“Joe has always made it clear that his family is his first priority, and working nights meant spending less time with his children.  Joe made the honorable decision to step over to a more regular daytime shift.  He should be commended for making a decision that meant the best for his family,” said Lovelle. 

"I'm excited about the new opportunities that await me in 2014.  I have loved working in TV news for the past 20 plus years in the Ozarks, but am now looking forward to new challenges in the broadcasting world," said Daues.

Jacob’s last day at KY3 will be Jan. 1, 2014.  In the days following, Jacob and Daues will then make the transition both on-air and in the building.