Prices for school supplies around the nation are staggering, according to a new report.

A family with two to three grade-school children will spend nearly $670 on back-to-school supplies. This price would include clothing and technology expenses, according to a national consumer watch report.

In fact, some Springfield parents KSPR spoke with said costs are in the hundreds per student.

Teresa Bledsoe, Director of Communications for Springfield Public Schools, said the increase is steady.

"I think that's just a natural inflation of items each year. I don't think it's an exorbitant increase from year to year. But we are very fortunate that we have community partners and individuals who donate school supplies," Bledsoe said.

Stores like Staples are offering sales. But some parents wonder why their students are asked to bring more than one of the same item.

"Some of those are items that they share as a class such as the bacterial wipes or the antiseptic gels. So that's just something they try to share as a classroom instead of trying to supply that to each individual student," Bledsoe explained.
One parent we spoke with Tuesday said she spends about $100 for her 5-th grader, even more for her high school freshman. Another parent said he will likely spend closer to $200 on one of his children in elementary school.

It varies from school to school and classroom to classroom, but many people are shopping online. They can purchase everything from binders to crayons with a better deal than going to the stores.

Places like Victory Mission and the Salvation Army are places that some families go to for assistance.

"We also get a lot of donations of school supplies. so each school has a cache of supplies they can dole out throughout the school year if a student runs out, or new students who don't have what they need on day one, they have those available at the school," Bledsoe said.

Parents are urged to take advantage of saving money on school supplies with the annual tax-free weekend. It is set for August 1st through August 3rd.

The school year in Springfield begins three weeks from Tuesday, on August 12th.