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Pit bull

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Pit bull patient zero in Colorado plague case

A pit bull was at the heart of a rare plague outbreak in Colorado that left four people sick last year. That's what a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigation found in a new report released April 30.

The CDC says on average about eight...

Baby holding finger

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Missouri women question fate of 'dead' babies

An elderly St. Louis woman's emotional reunion with a daughter she thought died at birth is prompting more than 20 others to wonder what happened to the babies they thought they had lost at the same hospital decades ago.

Happy woman with glasses


Want to be an optimist? Pick up these habits

Ever notice how some people just seemingly have a bright outlook on life -- even when everything isn't exactly on the sunny side?

Workers trained on Ebola

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Fighting Ebola with HIV drugs one step closer

A combination of three HIV drugs does a remarkably good job fighting Ebola in the laboratory, according to research presented May 1 at the Canadian Association for HIV Research.

Gupta in Nepal


Nepal quake victim stops breathing on flight

"Please take her," people cried over the roar of the helicopter propellers as the flight was about to take off from one of the Nepali districts worst-hit by the earthquake.

The Indian helicopter had just dropped aid to people forced to fend for themse...



Gupta helps save woman in helicopter

Rescue teams are trying to reach remote villages in the mountains and foothills of earthquake-ravaged Nepal. CNN’S Dr. Sanjay Gupta is not just reporting: The highly-skilled surgeon put his training to use to save one woman's life.

Needle into Chin

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FDA approves new drug to dissolve chin fat

This news may mean the end for the ultimate selfie killer, the double chin. The Food and Drug Administration will now let you say bye-bye to nasty neck fat and hello to a jawline that doesn't jiggle.

2009 pork roast

WATE, Viewer, Hawkins Co. School District

Tenn. students served meat from 2009

Students at a school district in Tennessee were served meat from 2009 at lunch last week. The meat had been in the freezer for several years before being served. It's not clear if it was tainted and there are no reports of students getting sick.

How to burn calories at work

POSTED: 09:38 AM CDT Sep 30, 2013    UPDATED: 01:00 AM CDT Sep 30, 2013 

You spend eight hours at work every day. Why not make it an opportunity to burn some calories?

Work Calories - Generic
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You spend eight hours at work every day. Why not make it an opportunity to burn some calories? Check out the following tips from Mayo Clinic to make exercise a part of your workday:

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