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Four arrested in McDonald Co. for suspected burglary, home invasion

Police say they received a call about a possible burglary at a home just north of Southwest City.

Handcuffs and police lights

Man charged with death of 2-year-old boy

Toddler died of blunt force trauma in Howell County.

Village shoals parking lot Jewish center shooting

Charges amended against KC supremacist suspect

Prosecutors lump three killings into one charge against man from Marionville. 

Longtime teacher accused of having sex with a teen

Johnna Feazall has been teaching at the Marshfield school district for 15 years. Now she’s facing charges of statutory sodomy and attempted enticement of a child.

Henderson Michiko

Woman suspected of multi-state check fraud is finally arrested

A judge issued a warrant for Michiko Henderson's arrest last Jan. 3 for two counts of forgery for trying to cash hot checks in Osceola.

Feazell Johnna

Teacher is charged with having sex with minor girl

Johnna Feazell has been a teacher in the Marshfield School District since 2000.  The 16-year-old girl told police that she and Feazell have had a relationship for a few years.

Two areas of crime surge in Bolivar

Two areas of crime surge in Bolivar

Is more crime happening or is it a case of more cases being reported?

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