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Camdenton police investigate theft from school district

The Camdenton school board voted to turn the investigation over to police last week, but the school district won't reveal how much money is missing, or how long the employee was embezzling it. 

(img1)VIDEO Harrison fire

Fire takes out abandoned motel in downtown Harrison

Questions surround what caused an abandoned building to go up in flames.

Stay of execution for Mark Christeson upsets sheriff

Maries County Sheriff says he feels "lament" for family of Mark Christeson's victims.

Lebanon couple faces charges for abusing toddlers

A Lebanon couple is facing domestic assault charges for abusing their two children, who are two and four years old. Lebanon Police arrested Richard and Brittny Tubb last week, and court documents reveal the disturbing details of the investigation.

Springfield man back in jail after short lived freedom

Springfield man back in jail after short lived freedom

A Springfield man who was released from the Greene County jail less than two days ago is back behind bars.

Richard and Brittny Tubb

Husband, wife are charged with assaulting 2 kids

Richard Tubb, 28, is accused of hitting the children in the head with a hammer.  Brittny Tubb, 23, is accused of biting one of the children.

New Jered Blair.jpg

Man from Springfield was re-arrested hours after release from jail

Jered Blair is accused of shooting at two people late Monday.

Hidden dangers of texting

Hidden dangers of texting

A Springfield father found out his teen daughter was texting with a 22-year-old in Arkansas. They say he brought her in to police headquarters, so police could tell her about the dangers of texting.

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