Navy, Trump planning biggest fleet expansion since Cold War

McCaskill, Blunt vote to approve National Defense Authorization Act

PHOTOS: Seymour welcomes home, lays to rest Korean War soldier

Fort Leonard Wood training teaches "old dogs" life-saving new tricks

Report: California soldiers must repay enlistment bonuses

Army's top sergeants come from Fort Leonard Wood - again

McCaskill calls for "honest" funding of Missouri military facilities

Bad insulation grounds 10 USAF F-35 fighters

Navy secretary defends his unusual picks for ship names

Service members from 21 countries become U.S. citizens at Fort Leonard Wood

Basic training during a heat advisory

Fort Leonard Wood gathers to bury Vietnam vet who had no family

Pentagon ends ban on transgender troops in military

Few veterans expelled under 'don't ask' seek corrections

Army's gay civilian leader calls his promotion 'remarkable'

Something many forget on Memorial Day

Florida group finds more US Marine remains on Pacific atoll

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