Family spokeswoman: British baby Charlie Gard has died

US: NKorea launch was an intercontinental ballistic missile

EU 'vigilant' on new US sanctions on Russia

British police: Tower fire could be corporate manslaughter

Judge sets deadline for moving baby Charlie Gard to hospice

Charlie Gard's parents say damage irreversible

Pope prays for ill baby Charlie Gard and parents

Indonesian president to police: kill suspected drug traffickers

Russia sanctions bill that defies Trump is set for key vote

Pope calls for "moderation" after Jerusalem shrine violence

Investigators blame U.S. Navy for deadly destroyer collision

Beijing says no to Justin Bieber over past 'bad behavior'

US to ban Americans from traveling to NKorea

Terror attacks worldwide are down for second-straight year

Burundi robotics team missing after competition in DC

Trump had second conversation with Putin in Germany

Winnie the Pooh gets the boot from Chinese social media

Brazil court dismisses Ryan Lochte false report case

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