UK releases long-awaited and already derided Brexit plan

A look at NATO and what the alliance does, past and present

Rescued Thai boys make victory signs from hospital beds

China vows retaliation for $200 billion US tariff threat

UPDATE: President Trump claims Germany 'controlled' by Russia, Merkel differs

UPDATE: President Trump arrives in Belgium after blasting NATO allies

UPDATE: 'Everyone is Safe': Daring rescue of Thai soccer team ends

All 12 boys, coach rescued from flooded Thai cave

All 12 boys, their coach rescued from Thai cave

UK police cite 'high dose' in nerve agent death

Rains ease at Thai cave after overnight lashing

4 rescued from Thailand cave as rescue operation underway

Thai coach apologizes to parents as boys write they're OK

UPDATE: Thai schoolboys not ready for underwater escape

UPDATE: 'Beryl' strengthens, expected to hit Caribbean as hurricane

33 dead in boat accident off Thai resort island, all Chinese

Thai authorities say rescuer in cave dead from lack oxygen

Thai official: All 12 boys, coach found alive after missing in cave for a week

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