Good Question

Good Question: Missouri's new conceal and carry law

Good Question: How did Americans react to the Pearl Harbor attack?

Good Question: Who will select the next state supreme court justice in Missouri?

Good Question: What is fake news?

Good Question: Where businesses are honoring veterans with freebies on Veterans Day

Good Question: What's country music?

Good Question: Where could several missing Afghani soldiers training in the U.S. be?

Good Question: When will Missouri's 'Constitutional carry' become law?

Good Question: Why is the Libertarian candidate not invited to the debates?

Good Question: Why are Native Americans protesting in North Dakota?

GOOD QUESTION: Terrorists attack American University in Afghanistan; what is that?

Good Question: Who's for and against Missouri's Proposition A will have you asking why

Good Question: What is GISHWHES?

Good Question: How hot is the Earth?

Good Question: Which political polls to believe?

Good Questions: What's an anvil firing and why are fireworks illegal in Springfield?

Good Question: What do you do during a storm while on the lake


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