What's Going Around the Ozarks

What's Going Around the Ozarks

FDA to target addictive levels of nicotine in cigarettes

Treatment clinics seeing more mental health patients abusing drugs

Local pharmacist not stuck on vitamin patches

Lifestyle changes may help stave off Alzheimer's

Science Says: Not all cancers need treatment right away

FDA approves first new drug in 20 years for sickle cell

Hints of some steps that may boost brain health in old age

Caretakers may need a stress test

Summer brings increased risk of heat exhaustion

Arkansas officials expect up to 40,000 medical pot registrants

Quickly reporting cancer complications may boost survival

Report: More Americans with Alzheimer's are dying at home

Parkinson's patients fight diagnosis with boxing

Blood tests track lung cancer gene changes, aiding treatment

Planned Parenthood clinics in SW Missouri will offer abortions

Trump signs law to let states keep federal funds from abortion providers

Trans fats ban linked with fewer NY heart attacks & strokes

How fighting breast cancer changed one senator’s life

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