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Improvements to make Highway 160 in Greene Co coming next summer

Clearing traffic for President Trump's visit to Springfield

Preliminary plans for the Greene Co jail expansion millions over budget

Drivers say tall grass is causing road hazards in Greene County

Multiple law enforcement agencies on duty for Greene Co Sheriff's Deputies

More sex crime charges for former Webster Co. Chief Deputy

Local disaster relief organizations head to North Carolina

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott reflects on death of Deputy Aaron Roberts

Greene County deputy to be laid to rest this week

Deputies investigate shooting in Greene County

417 Rentals, owned by Chris Gatley, accused of posting fake pictures of properties online

Springfield seeing an increase for building permits; working on backlog

Lebanon High School student speaks out after she says she was sexually assaulted on a school bus

Careless drivers seen speeding past school buses in Willard

Wheatland mayor, wife die in car crash in Miller County

Florida hospital releases update on people shot at video game tournament in Jacksonville

Analysts: gas prices down, likely to continue to drop

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