Survive the Storm: Breaking into programming

Sometimes we have to break into programming due to severe weather and sometimes that may make you really mad.

Now wait just a second before you throw that remote at me and break your tv because I broke into your programming. Take a second to think about what you're doing. Listen, I love me some grey's anatomy and the bachelor too.

But really when it comes down to it is a tv show more important than someone's life?

We do our very best not to break into programming unless it is necessary. When a tornado warning is issued for one of our counties, we break in to let our viewers no, and let me remind you, we have to cover 37 counties. So when one part of the viewing area may not have any storms, the other may have a tornado bearing down on their home.

We simply want to give people as much time and information as possible so they can take shelter.

We do this by cutting in, giving the information and returning to programming. In the event of imminent danger, such as a tornado confirmed, we stay on the air until the threat has passed.

So put the remote down, take a deep breath and let us tell people when a storm could be taking their life or property, and don't forget you can watch many of your shows on kspr on abc.Com later.