Nixa Electric issues continue; substation transformer is 'toast'

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NIXA, Mo. - The City of Nixa has been working to restore the city’s electric system to its normal standard of reliability after a transformer failed at one of the city’s four substations on June 4. Nixa Utilities now has a plan after engineers analyzed problems with the Espy substation transformer last week.

“The bad news is that the Espy substation transformer is toast,” said Electric Department supervisor Brian Denney.

The city is distributing power through the remaining three substations, but the Espy substation was the largest in the city, with a 25MVA (mega volt ampere; mega = million) transformer. The city still has an older, 12MVA transformer sitting at the Downtown substation, where it was replaced this year by a newer, larger unit.

“The good news is we have a plan for a short-term fix while we look to buy a new transformer,” said Denney.

The plan is to move the old 12MVA transformer to the Espy substation for now, while the city looks to purchase a newer, larger transformer for that substation. The older, 32-ton, 12MVA transformer will be moved across town on Tuesday and crews will work quickly to connect it to a few of the city’s circuits.

The 12MVA transformer won’t be able to handle the same load as the old 25MVA transformer, but will be able to take enough load off the rest of the city’s electric distribution system that it will provide another step up in reliability. The city hopes to have a new transformer, no smaller than 25MVA, installed by February. Once it's completed, the city’s grid will be more robust than before the outage on June 4.

The city thanks residents and business owners for their continued cooperation in conserving power and apologizes for the inconvenience of the outages experienced in the last two weeks.

The American Public Power Association honored Nixa Utilities for the last six years for providing exceptionally reliable power. The city is committed to restoring that high standard of reliability.