Survive the Storm: Remember CAMPS for your storm kit

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. When life catches you off guard - just remember *CAMPS*.

Just think of it like when you were a kid and ready to learn vital skills about growing up and life- you know going to CAMP.


It's just a simple way for you to remember what to grab in the event you don't have time to prepare.

C is for the cell phone that we know you feel naked without anyway. You’ll need to grab this – and, if you can your charger, as you are working your way to your safe place. During the storm - you can use it to look at our weather app – to follow the storm – and hear about warnings. After the storm hits, you can use it to call someone and most phones come with a built in flashlight. This would be important to find your way around after the storm passes.

A is for animals. They will be just as scared as you are, and won't know where to go. Be sure to have a carrying case handy for the poor fella(s).

M is for any medication or a first aid kit. it's going to be hard to call up a pharmacy when you are putting your life back together… you don’t want them to blow away.

P is for purse or wallet. You’ll want your ID and credit cards with you in case something happens.

S is for shoes. After a storm passes, it obviously leaves behind debris. Who knows what's in your path? This simple step can spare you the trouble from getting unnecessary cuts and infections that may be a big headache later. And don't forget the kid's shoes either.

And we stress this – Y-O-U…You are the most important. So if there isn't time to grab anything, just get somewhere safe.