Strong winds rip through a farm in Lawrence County

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. Strong winds hammered parts of Lawrence County Friday afternoon.

Some of the worst damage was in Stotts City.

"We decided to go to the basement and when we came back up this is what we had," says owner of Wallace Cattle Company Ernie Wallace.

Power poles around his property managed to withstand the force of the winds. The power lines, however, did not. Live wires were all over part of the property and outer road.

Several large trees were snapped by the powerful winds.

The worst damage was done to a few barns and out buildings at Wallace's farm. Sheet metal that was once a roof was peeled off a building. The debris was tossed and scattered across Interstate 44.
One of the barns, closest to Wallace's house was destroyed.

Wallace says he knew it was time to take cover when the wind became too strong.

"It was kind of a 'V' out in the wall cloud but it wasn't really full fledged tornado, I don't think but it was as strong a wind as you could have without one I think," he explains.

Wallace says he didn't worry too much about the storm warnings.

"We've gone through hundreds of them like this and it just happens to be our time I guess," he says.

He's thankful the damage wasn't worst.

"What do you do? You just go on. Nobody's hurt. My house is pretty well intact. There's a few shingles missing on the house. That's not a major deal," he says.

Before he knew it people from all over Stotts City came to his farm to see how they could help.

"We live in a really good community as you can see with all the people in the yard out here already. It's amazing the support you get out here in this area where we live," he says.

This type of support will help Wallace and his family get through this.

"I didn't really like that barn anyway but it's just the clean up and the devastation of it and cleaning up and starting over. Six months from now we'll charge right on," says Wallace.

His farm seems to have taken the brunt of Friday's storm.

No one was hurt. Wallace's cattle were unharmed.

There was other damage reported nearby in Mount Vernon. A barn was ripped off its foundation and tossed onto a rural highway.