St. Jude gives desperate families hope

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MEMPHIS, Tn. Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital is named for the patron Saint of hopeless causes and that is what families find there that they weren't able to find anywhere else, 'hope.'
"It's devastating, you can't even describe the feeling," said Debbie Higgins.
Nine years ago, Higgins was living here in Missouri when she got the world-shattering news about her adorable three-year-old boy, Carson. "They told us he had stage four high risk neuroblastoma." That means he had tumors all over his nervous system.
"They basically sent us home after he was diagnosed, and he was covered head to toe with cancer, and gave us very little hope," said Higgins. "The hardest part was telling his siblings, and they basically said goodbye to him."
But then, Higgins said they found a glimmer of that elusive hope, when they heard about St. Jude, "Two days later we were flown to St. Jude and started treatment the next day."
At times, the 2-and-a-half years of treatment was grueling for little Carson. His treatment included 27 rounds of chemo, a bone marrow transplant, and a month of radiation. But, most times, according to Debbie, being at St. Jude was anything but grueling, "I just expected it to be a really sad place. And, we got here and kids were running around on tricycles and wagons, and they do so many activities with the kids. Carson loves it here. He still loves it here."
After all that treatment, and plenty of fun, Carson was cancer-free. But, Debbie says that only lasted for a short time, "Unfortunately in November, he relapsed. And so, the neuroblastoma came back."
His family's world was shattered, again, but Carson was more determined than ever. Because, as Debbie recalls, he knew exactly who could give them the hope to beat cancer, one more time, "He said, 'I just have extremely bad luck. And he said, 'God and St. Jude healed me last time, so they can heal me again, and I'm ready to fight.'"
Carson continues his treatment now. His parents say he keeps getting stronger and better.