Rescue teams search for missing canoeist on Table Rock Lake

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KIMBERLING CITY, Mo. (KSPR) -- The search for a man who went overboard in his canoe continues in its second day on table Rock Lake.

Neighbors heard it all happening right in their backyard.

"We had heard sirens across the cove, and we knew something was going on but we didn't know what it was," said Mela Erwin.

It was the frantic search for the missing man in a canoe.

"The dogs started barking then we heard about eight fire trucks," said Erwin.

Search crews found the canoe, but after almost 24 hours, they say they're now looking for what could be the body of a man who was in it.

"It wasn't windy yesterday, it didn't seem rough so, you don't know what happened out there to make the canoe flip over," said Steven Smetana.

Troopers say the man was in a canoe with another guy when the canoe flipped over. That guy made it to the shore safe, but troopers say they have reason to believe, the man never made it out of the water.

"It's a sad situation, especially at the start of the summer," said Smetana.

Troopers say they're using sonar technology and divers to see if they find him.

"Just heartbroken, still sad that they haven't found them," said Erwin.

But search crews say so far nothing's turned up. They don't know if missing canoeist could still be alive. They say they're planning to continue their search.