Police investigate two possible cases of child abuse

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A woman is now behind bars. And an infant is in the hospital as police investigate two different cases of possible child abuse.

Child abuse cases are constantly coming in.

"It just makes my heart break really," said Beth Atchison, CASE Executive Director.

Police in Springfield are investigating a seven-month-old with a head injury reported just this weekend. The prosecutor filed charges in another child abuse case. Kayla Enloe is jailed for shaking her baby causing serious injury. In both cases, police are looking into whether they'll need the advocates.

"If there's a substantiated case of abuse and then at that point children come in to foster care," said Atchison.

She says more than 1,000 children were put into foster care because of abuse or neglect last year, she says that number is actually down because of what they're trying to do.

"If we have a parent who is feeling frustrated or doesn't have enough resources, before they reach that breaking point where the abuse might happen, that we're providing services for them," said Atchison.

But she says you can help too.

"If you notice bruising on children, or a child whose been mild mannered all the sudden begins to act out or has violent outburst, we have to remember that children act out and do as they have seen," said Atchinson.

And lastly advocates say to report it if you see any of those signs.